Argentina Elections 2023: Javier Milei, new president of Argentina, results and live counting

Karin Silvina Hiebaum – International Press

Javier Milei is the new president of Argentina after winning this Sunday, November 19, in the Ballot, the second electoral round, against the pro-government candidate Sergio Massa.

After the elections on October 22, Massa, the current Minister of Economy, obtained 36% of the votes but was not enough to win in the first round. The libertarian Milei, who had been the most voted at the national level in the primaries, was close to 30% and entered the ballot.

Milei, candidate of Libertad Avanza, will take over as president of Argentina next Sunday, December 10, replacing Alberto Fernández.

Balotaje Argentina 2023: live, minute by minute of the elections

Massa: “The results are not what we expected”

Sergio Massa recognizes Javier Milei as the new president of Argentina.

Sergio Massa speaks

The ruling presidential candidate speaks in the bunker, shortly of knowing the official results of the ballot.

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